Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspection

A comprehensive inspection prior to purchasing a used car is vital in order to learn about the condition of the vehicle and any problems that it may have. Title Search and history reports such as CARFAX provide useful information but only an actual car inspection can provide definitive information about the car. This information allows buyers to make better decisions and avoid purchasing someone else's problems. It also helps the buyer negotiate the right price for the vehicle.

Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha provides the most complete used car inspection that checks all of the systems and major components of the automobile.

Expiring Warranty

It seems to always happen that failures and breakdowns occur right after the warranty expires. When considering what can go wrong in a car, fixing problems before the warranty is up can save the car owner a significant amount of money. An Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha inspection is a relatively inexpensive way to do a thorough check of your vehicle and fix both noticeable and hidden problems while the warranty is still active.

Purchasing in the Omaha area

The car of your dreams may be in Omaha but you live in Reno. No problem. Mobile Auto Truck Repair  performs inspections for out-of-town buyers. We arrange an inspection with the seller and fax/email you the written inspection report along with a Title Search, vehicle history report and book value assessment. If you need specific information about the car, just let us know before the inspection and we'll check it out.

Pre-College Evaluation

When your child goes off to college you want them to focus on their education and not have to deal with car problems. To make sure that their car is reliable and safe, we suggest a complete inspection and diagnostic evaluation about a month before they leave for college. You can fix any problems locally and make sure that their car is in excellent shape for the coming year.

Gifting or Selling Car to Family Member or Friend

Before you give the family car to a child, parent or friend, we recommend a thorough inspection to make sure that there are no concerning issues. You want to make sure that their getting a safe car that is in top condition.



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Used Car Inspection Services and Cost | Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha

Used Car Inspection Services and Cost MOBILE AUTO TRUCK REPAIR OMAHA

Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha  provides the most thorough pre-purchase used car inspection available in the metropolitan Omaha area. Our used car diagnostics cover all parts of the vehicle. We travel to the location of the vehicle and carefully inspect the entire vehicle. With over 25 years of experience, we are experts in Used Car Inspection Services. PLUS, you have the advantage of speaking to the actual technician who performed the inspection. Best mobile mechanic in Omaha NE! Free estimates. Contact us today!


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