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Are you looking for Starter/Solenoids Repair & Replacement Services? The starter is a motor that, when supplied with electricity from a vehicle’s battery, will engage the flywheel ring gear and crank the engine. When a driver turns the key to start the engine, the battery sends a small supply of electricity to the starter solenoid. In turn, the solenoid powers the motor which sends a gear to mesh with the ring gear on a vehicle’s flywheel. Depending on the vehicle, the starter may be a direct drive (DD), planetary gear (PLGR), permanent magnet gear reduction (PMGR), permanent magnet direct drive (PMDD), or offset gear reduction (OSGR). In a DD starter, components are attached in a line and run off the armature. A PLGR starter has a shaft that the armature uses and is good at increasing torque. A PMGR starter is similar to a PLGR starter except the PMGR starter uses permanent magnets instead of field coils. Similarly, PMDD starters are akin to DD starters except PMDDs use permanent magnets instead of field coils. Finally, OSGR starters do not run directly off the armature. No matter the type, each starter ultimately plays an essential role in powering a vehicle.

Why Should You Have Starter Replacement Services Performed at Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha ?

In addition to an inoperable engine, there are other factors that indicate a replacement is needed. If your starter is making a clicking sound that lasts momentarily or the crank is operating slowly, you may need to change your vehicle’s starter. We can look over your starter and review whether or not it is the culprit of current vehicular troubles. If you are unfamiliar with the type of starter your vehicle uses, we will help you find the right one for your vehicle make and model. Our goal is to get your vehicle running again.


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Starter/Solenoids Repair &

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When starter repair is order for your car you can start by replacing the solenoid. Car maintenance does not have to be complicated. Call the expert at  Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha  for quick and affordable Starter/Solenoids Repair & Replacement Services.

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