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Looking for Transmission Fluid services in Omaha, NE? The automatic transmission is a very complex assembly; while newer transmissions are very reliable, they do need regular maintenance. Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) lubricates and cools the gears, pumps, valves, bands and other moving parts inside the transmission, as well as helping to transfer power and torque through the whole unit.

It’s very important to use the proper formulation of ATF for your vehicle. At one time, there were only three or four ATF formulations on the market, but today there are a dozen or more. ATFs are custom-blended for specific makes, with different friction properties and additives, and using the wrong brand of ATF can quickly damage or destroy a transmission.

Like motor oil, ATF does break down over time, leaving varnish-like deposits and sediments that can clog valves and other internal assemblies. It’s important to flush old fluid out of the unit and replenish with new ATF at manufacturer’s intervals. Vehicles that see severe usage, such as towing a trailer or hauling heavy loads, should have their transmissions serviced more frequently.

These are all signs of impending transmission problems:

  • Slipping transmission
  • Slipping between gears
  • Delay in engaging the transmission after gear selector is put in gear
  • Unusual shift points
  • Harsh shifts
  • Mushy, soft shifts
  • Transmission fluid is brownish, blackish or has a burnt-toast smell
  • Leaks of transmission fluid under vehicle
  • Unusual noises
  • Check Engine light illuminated

One thing for sure…transmission problems don’t get better on their own, and will only get much more expensive if left too long. Don’t wait – make an appointment with us at Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha  for your transmission maintenance needs. 

To prevent your transmission from damage:

  • Check your parking space for leaks regularly. If you notice fluid deposits under your car, have one of our technicians inspect it right away.
  • Check the transmission fluid levels and condition. Change it when necessary.
  • Make sure you use the correct transmission fluid as specified in your owner's manual.
  • Make sure to stop your vehicle before shifting into reverse or park.
  • Always hold the brakes down when shifting from park.

Paying attention to your transmission will help increase the lifespan of your vehicle, save money on costly repairs, ensure smooth shifting, extend your transmission fluid's life, and help prevent leaks.

When getting your vehicle serviced, explain any problems in as much detail as possible to our technicians. This will help us diagnose and prevent transmission issues efficiently and accurately.



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At higher temperatures the transmission fluid burns. Your vehicle loses lubrication and deposits inside the transmission increase. We recommend that you take action and call Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha  for Transmission Fluid Services.

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