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We offer Light Repair and Bulb Replacements in Omaha. Call to chat with a friendly specialist about your lighting needs.


We are able to replace your Halogen light bulbs as well as repair any broken light fixtures. Although halogen light bulbs are the most popular option, they are actually the least cost-effective lighting solution.


For indoor or outdoor applications requiring long usage periods, we recommend fluorescent lighting to be installed by our qualified electricians.

LED lighting

We recommend upgrading to a LED lighting option for longer bulb life and greater energy efficiency.

LED light bulbs only use 15% of the energy required to power halogen or incandescent light bulbs. This will result in a significant saving on your energy bills.

Flood Lights

Light up large outdoor areas of your home with a quality flood light.

Signage & Emergency/Exit Lights

Illuminant important signage such as promotional neon signs, emergency and exit lighting. We can supply, install and/or repair your electrical signage.

Light Switches

Want to move an existing light switch or need a new switched added to your home? No job is too small for our electricians. Give us a call Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha .

Dimmers & Down Lights

Dimmers and down lights can set the mood of a room. Our experienced electricians will install your down lights and dimmer fixtures for an affordable price.


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Light Installation & Replacement in Omaha

Light Repair Services and Cost


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Light Repair Services at Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha .We are able to replace your Halogen light bulbs as well as repair any broken light fixtures. Although halogen light bulbs are the most popular option, we also service other type of light bulbs. Call now for a free quote

Light Repair Services and Cost | Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha