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Fair Quotes & Estimates

You can rest assured that your estimate on repairs is fair and free of hidden costs to your wallet. Your Omaha mobile auto repair mobile mechanic charges only the base cost of parts, plus our flat rate $60 per hour labor fee. While some mechanic shops will tack on extra surcharges to parts or time, you will not experience any of that from your Omaha mobile auto repair mobile mechanic. Our estimate up front lays out all of the costs, so you know what to expect when the job is done.

 Trusted Service

There’s a big difference in work when a mobile mechanic is onsite working on your vehicle, instead of in the shop. When he’s in your driveway working by the hour, you can see that he’s spending all of his time toward fixing your car’s problem. In the shop, however, he could be working on other vehicles, or not working at all on your paid time. Additionally, your mobile mechanic is interested in creating a great business relationship with you, so that you will return the next time you have car trouble, or refer your friends.

So the next time your car won’t start, makes funny noises, or fails an emissions test, give your Omaha mobile auto repair mobile mechanic a call. We promise it will be a much better experience than taking your car to the shop for repair.

Why to prefer Omaha mobile mechanics

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Do you need  a mobile mechanics in Omaha NE? Price and convenience are the top to reasons why Omaha mobile auto repair is a preferred mechanic, but there are several other reasons why a mobile mechanic is better than taking (or towing) your car to the shop. Here are just a few…

Quick, Efficient Work

When your car breaks down, or exhibits problems starting and/or operating, it’s a hassle to drive your car (or have it towed, if it is not drivable) to the shop for a diagnostic and estimate. Not only that, once you get there you are often stuck waiting around for the mechanics to even look into your car’s issues, since they are often dealing with a queue of other cars and drivers before you. A mobile mechanic offers quick, efficient diagnosis that’s 100 percent focused on your vehicle and its needs. Once we have provided an estimate, and you  have accepted it, your mobile mechanic from Omaha mobile auto repair will again focus 100 percent on fixing your car’s problems with speed and efficiency.

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Reasons Why Your omaha Mobile Mechanic is Better Than the Shop - excel mobile auto repair omaha ne