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Mobile on-site truck repair may be something you’ve never heard of or never considered.  So, lets bring you up to speed on what it’s all about and why it makes sense for truck fleet services.


Mobile on-site truck repair service simply means that our trucks come to you/your fleet to perform maintenance and repairs.

We currently have over 3 full-equipped mobile trucks that are servicing nearly every major city across the Omaha NE.  All trucks in our fleet are late model trucks and include the latest tools and technology to get the job done right, the first time.


Our team is made up of  the industry’s top
mechanics to come to service your fleet on your schedule.  Our maintenance plan allows you to keep your trucks running smoothly (no matter where they may be) by preventing major issues that often lead to more costly repairs down the line.  Each time maintenance is performed; our customers receive updates via email to allow for costs to be controlled and deliveries to be planned.


There are many benefits to using
mobile on-site truck repair services provided by Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha, but here are 3 to consider:


#1 – Save Time: We work on your schedule to perform maintenance with the trucks on your lot during times when they are not scheduled for deliveries.  This means you don’t have to take the time out of your day to deal with the repairs.

#2 – Save Money: As anyone who manages a fleet knows, time = money.  By saving the time of dealing with maintenance and repairs, you are clearly saving money.  Furthermore, by scheduling routine maintenance costly repairs that could come down the line will be minimized.

#3 – Consistent Service: An experienced technician will be assigned to your trucks so they will be familiar with the maintenance and repair history.  This eliminates the hassle and issues that often pop up when going from one service location or company to the next.  It helps to be able to put a name with the face and our technicians are friendly, reliable and professional.


When it comes to managing a fleet,
mobile on-site truck repair and maintenance just makes sense.  Let’s face it; dealing with the upkeep on trucks is a hassle.  Removing that hassle just makes sense.

Trucks are going to break down and maintenance is always going to be needed.  That’s just the facts of life.  At Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha, we bring you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that it’s handled.


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Our unique approach to customer service, business innovation, and collaborative communication sets Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha far apart from the competition. Improving your bottom line and supporting your efforts to run your business smoothly is what we’re all about.

We are dedicated to providing a complete lineup of preventative maintenance and fleet management solutions so just one call will connect you with the answer to all your truck needs.

Maintenance and repairs are a constant in the trucking industry. As you know, keeping a fleet rolling can be costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha has a solution. With our Mobile Repair Trucks, the industry’s top mechanics come to you, doing all maintenance on-site at your location, on your schedule. What’s more, we can keep your trucks running smoothly by preventing major issues that often lead to more costly repairs down the line.

We currently have over 10 mobile trucks visiting our customers nightly in nearly every major city Omaha NE. All of our trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art tools which enable our expert technicians to perform preventative maintenance (PM) inspections and follow up repairs at our customers’ locations after the routes are completed. We ensure quality service for you by providing our technicians with complete training on the PM process, proper repair procedures, communicating with customers, and delivering meaningful nightly summary reports. This information is all e-mailed to customers nightly as the jobs are being worked, helping them control their costs and plan their deliveries for the next day.

The Mobile Service Advantage:

Your truck never leaves your lot
DVIR’s are handled on site for improved driver moral
Safety items are handled on site without taking the truck out of service
Same tech works on your trucks and knows your needs
We keep you current on our PM’s
We find issues before they become costly repairs
Tech has access to truck repair history to see what has been repaired

As a customer of Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha, we become your partner in keeping your trucks safe, legal, dependable…and profitable.



In addition to our
preventative maintenance capabilities, Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha specializes in mechanical service and repairs provided by highly skilled technicians certified in electrical, HVAC, brake repair and more. We provide the latest diagnostic equipment for mechanical repairs, and can handle vehicles of any size from small equipment up to Class 8.  With average experience levels in excess of 15 years in the heavy duty truck repair industry, you can trust your fleet repair to us.



Major Component Overhauls
DOT Inspections
Rear Axle
A/C – Refrigeration
Air Ride Suspension
PTO Installations
Mobile On-site Mechanical


Maintenance Select: Your Complete Fleet Management Package.

The primary focus of Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha has always been meeting our customers’ needs. So it’s no surprise that our service offerings have constantly evolved to meet those needs over the course of our 20 years in the business. Maintenance Select is the result of that evolution.


It all started with the realization that our customers wanted more from us than just fleet maintenance. They were looking for a company that would work with them, and help them manage their fleet.

They needed an easier way to get their trucks fixed. So we built a mobile service fleet.

They wanted a better way to control their fleet costs.

They deserved a smarter way to stay connected and informed.

Then, we packaged all of this together and called it Maintenance Select.

With the demands on businesses today, companies need to focus on running their core business without having to worry about their fleet maintenance. Finally, you have a company with the kind of expertise you can trust to do just that.

Fleet management services from us:

Mobile on-site preventative maintenance and repairs
Full-service facilities for major repairs and accident damage
Preventative maintenance tracking
Cost tracking and budgeting
Internet access to fleet performance information
Quarterly fleet reviews
Account assigned to an Account Manager
Estimates for all repairs
Omaha NE breakdown service 24/7
PM’s budgeted and billed monthly, based on cost and number of PM’s
Preferred rates
Priority service and turn time
PM inspections
D.O.T. inspections and Maryland certifications
Labor discount
Emergency roadside service

RV & Bus Repair Omaha NE

We are a full service
RV and motor home mobile repair company providing quality repairs and service to Omaha NE and the surrounding communities. We specialize in complete repairs, replacement parts, service and much more. Here at Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha, no job is too big or too small for our experienced staff. We service any type of trailers, including livestock trailers, travel trailers, campers, as well as motor homes and recreational vehicles.

At Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha we can handle:

All Recreational Vehicle (RV) Repair
Camper Repair
Tent Trailer Repair
Pop-Up Trailer Repair
Travel Trailer Repair
Motor Home Repair
Livestock Trailer Repair
Bus Repair
Fire Truck Repair

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Mobile Auto Truck Repair Omaha

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